My name is Juan Antonio Avalos and I live at Guadalajara, MX. I've been working in the tech industry for almost 10 years. And I have contributed to Embedded Systems, Web Development and UX Design teams.

I'm fascinated with the idea of creating extensions of our minds.

I believe in combining hardware and software with social sciences to make tools that adapt naturally to our way of living. Technology must be an enhancer of our skills, the automation of the busy work to free space for doing the creative work.

I started my career as an electronics technician, before college. It was exciting to design and build prototypes. But I realized that software had the power to change the hardware's behavior and connect with people. That's why I studied software engineering. However, digital interactions are complex. People need a better approach from software to adapt their context and satisfy their actual needs.

So I found a way to meet business, content and people. I became an autodidact user experience designer.

I got certified by Nielsen Norman Group and worked for some years as UX Design Lead with Content Strategy, Design and Development teams to build standardized and usable systems, websites, and apps for people.

But getting a seat in the table for users is hard. Even business think they are customer-focused, they hardly prioritize time for research, and roadmaps build stakeholders’ wishlist instead of product-led backlogs.

Now, I'm working as Product Manager at FEMSA. I now combine my engineering and design strengths while I'm still learning about business, marketing and metrics.

So, today I lead the product development with a Product mindset from strategy to delivery. And I keep my mission of working on adapting technology to us (people) so we can improve our talents and focus on creating.